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Norwegian-to-English (British/American)/English-to-Norwegian
Translation, Editing and Proofreading of:

Annual Reports - Applications/Petitions - Articles of Association
Books - Brochures - Business Letters - Business Reports
Certificates - Documents - Manuscripts - Minutes/Records
School Reports/Transcripts - Theses - Tourist Information

Translation of Web Pages:

Use the WWW as a medium for marketing, sales and information services.
Reach out to new customers with your products and services.

More and more businesses in Norway have, or will have, contacts
with English-speaking countries. It is important that you present yourself
and your firm in a serious, professional and confidence-evoking way.
Language problems can be a hindrance in accomplishing this.


provides you with correct, fast and reasonably-priced:

Norwegian-to-English/English-to-Norwegian translations
Proofreading, editing and language vetting

My name is Linda S. Bennett, also known as "The Oversetter"
("oversetter" means "translator" in Norwegian).

I am Norwegian-American; my educational and employment backgrounds
are from the United States, where I worked for 25 years as a secretary and
office manager in various law- and other business offices. In 1985 I moved
to Norway, the land of my heritage.

I translate from Norwegian-to-English (British and American)/English-to-Norwegian,
and proofread English texts.

I am bi-lingual; with English as my native language, translations are
accurate and not "NorGlish". I also have access to databases, as well
as an extensive collection of CD's, dictionaries, enclopaedias and other reference
books for special terminology within many fields.

I have e-mail (ADSL line) and telefax. Use of these services insures
fast and reliable exchanges of information, and virtually eliminates
any distance between my customers and myself. Also, I have taken a little
bit of the "American Work Ethic" with me to Norway. This means that
I will make good use of all available working hours in order to complete
all jobs within the agreed deadlines. The fact that my office is at
home means that I can virtually work at any time.
Jobs, both regular and "RUSH", can be done when other offices
are closed for the day or weekend, a real advantage for my customers.

I work alone out of my home office, where I have all the necessary and up-
to-date equipment. For my customers, this means that invoices reflect
only those costs that are directly involved with the work performed. I do
not have administrative costs of any kind.
Customers save both time and money.

I am also dedicated to having an orderly relationship with my customers.
Therefore, every job is described in advance with an estimated budget.

Please contact me for additional information about prices,
quantity discounts, special agreements with permanent customers,
etc. I guarantee that you will be pleased with my work, and I
would be happy to send you a list of my customers. You'll find
that you get MORE for your money in LESS time. I pride myself
in the quality of my work and nothing less than top-quality work
is good enough for my customers.

The Oversetter
Vardenveien 243B - N-9018 Tromsø, Norway
Telephone: (+47) 77 67 31 99 Telefax/Modem: (+47) 77 67 31 49
GSM Cellular phone: (+47) 901 52 622
UIN (Universal Internet Number) - ICQ = 298695 - Nickname: "Borealis"
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